Listening, Looking, Imagining

Video Production

Exploration of "Story" through vissual expression.... starts with listening, looking, then questioning. Finally imagine a differerent vission, seraching for the unxepected, to build around a hidden heart of a story and express it vissually. We are always looking to explore and then share that exploration with others.


Effective, creative, we look to provide special effects that expand the story, that are motivated by the direction of the story, helpimg propell it forward. We also look to keep the effect adaptable to a range of environements. Red Sturgeon has a creativbe partnership with Zorloza Creations, adding a wide range of physical depth to a production using custom appliance, makeups and props. Blending the best of physical creations and design with digtal tools to provide greater realsim and impact to help make the story live.


Sometimes the story can be grasped in a sinlge image.